Eureka On-Demand Espresso Grinder

The fastest, freshest grind possible, shot after shot. Ideal if you use up to 50kg of coffee a week.

These days, even grinders are digital. This gives you incredibly precise micrometric adjustment, while pre-set single and double shot options help to cut waste. Even tamping’s taken care of, with a dynometric system that guarantees the right tamp pressure, every time.


Automatic dispensing

Reduce wastage and keep your espresso standards flying high

Fresh every time

Precise automatic dispensing, on demand for every dose

Tamped to perfection

The dynotamper guarantees the right tamp pressure, no matter who’s in charge


You’ll need:

Power: 13 amp

All the details:

  • Height: 595mm (678mm including knockout drawer)
  • Width: 247mm
  • Depth: 495mm
  • Weight: 18kg (when empty)

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