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Matthew Algie spearheaded the use of certifications in the UK and Irish coffee market. We launched the UK’s first Fairtrade espresso in 1997 and the world’s first triple certified (Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance) espresso in 2004. And we dont just support certifications, we work alongside our coffee producers to help them achieve certifications. This helps farmers to operate more sustainably and improve the overall quality of the coffee beans they produce.

Over the years we’ve developed close relationships with coffee cooperatives and farmers in many countries. We have been sourcing coffee from some of our suppliers for over 20 years and we visit them regularly. These relationships give our producers the confidence to plan and make investments in their operations. It also ensures we can consistently source the best quality coffee.

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Our Goals

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90% of coffee has at least one certification

Launch 3 new partnership projects at origin

Visit at least 3 key sourcing origins

Provide 70% of core suppliers with coffee contracts prior to or in the first month of the harvest season

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