Peak & Wild coffee is far more than a delicious, ethically sourced coffee.

Peak & Wild is our most sustainable coffee brand yet. Not only is it freshly roasted, but it tastes amazing and also supports the John Muir Trust in saving Scotland’s rainforest. Together with the John Muir Trust, our goal is to save over 1,000 hectares of Scotland’s rainforest over three years and to help 2,500 young people across the UK & Ireland to achieve their John Muir Award.

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Two packets of Peak and Wild coffee beans by Matthew Algie sat on a worktop

Peak and Wild Coffee Blends

Our brand comprises three different blends - Bracken, Bramble, and Santa Izabel - and is also available in small retail bags!


Fragrant – Sweet Vanilla – Apple

Bracken’s irresistible sweet aroma and perfectly balanced body make it a bright, cheeky, and enduringly fruity coffee blend. Sourced from Peru, Ethiopia, and Honduras, this blend is not only delicious but also ethically sourced. It is Fairtrade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance certified, ensuring that the farmers who grow these beans are treated fairly and the environment is protected.


Dried Fruit – Wine – Plum

Bramble offers a delightful blend of Sumatra and Ethiopia coffee beans, which are both Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified. The coffee has a rich and complex flavour profile, with notes of sweet, dried fruit and a heady scent of wine and ripe plum. It’s the perfect choice for coffee lovers who appreciate a high-quality, sustainably sourced brew.

Santa Izabel Brazil

Chocolate – Praline – Sweet

Fazenda Santa Izabel, located in the south of Minas Gerais, is renowned for its exceptional coffee quality. The farm is currently in a regeneration phase and has adopted socio-environmental practices. It supports smaller local producers with educational courses and workshops. This coffee has a velvety body with notes of chocolate, praline, and sugar cane sweetness. It is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our Partnership with The John Muir Trust

Peak & Wild partners with the John Muir Trust to support the restoration of Scotland’s rainforest. As the primary sponsor of the John Muir Trust’s “Wild Action Fund,” we aim to encourage people to connect with nature and take positive action towards the environment.

The Wild Action Fund is responsible for supporting various initiatives such as Junior Rangers, which provides access to wild places for improved well-being, volunteering, and The John Muir Award. In 2022, Peak & Wild proudly became the gold corporate sponsor of the Native Woodlands Trust, which is dedicated to preserving Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands.

As a part of our commitment to sustainability, we are pleased to offer our Peak & Wild Brand customers a complete suite of sustainable marketing materials without any additional cost. Our collection includes a variety of eco-friendly point-of-sale options like posters and flyers made from seeded paper, swing signs crafted from recycled coffee grounds, and more

Little bird, Redstart, taken by Stephen MaGee at an RSPB site in Scotland
John Muir Trust volunteer wearing a hi-vis jacket with the John Muir Trust logo and volunteer work party on the back.
John Muir Trust volunteer holding a young tree plant in a pot

The Apiary @ Dalwhinnie

"We love all three blends of the Peak & Wild range and wanted to incorporate them into our coffee offering. As Bracken grows in the Spring, we have served the Bracken blend through the Spring months. At the moment, we are serving the Santa Izabel single origin in the Summer. As Bramble grows in the Winter, we follow the seasonality of the plants through our coffee and will look to bring this in around October. The quality of the coffee does get complimented. We get amazing feedback and reviews on Google. We serve great coffee, not just a good coffee (even to the standards of coffee snobs). Our customers have commented on the changing seasonal coffee and enjoy the variation in flavour profiles and trying something new. "

Mike, Owner

Does Peak & Wild sound like the perfect fit for your business?

Are you passionate about serving sustainably sourced coffee that helps restore our rainforests? We’d love to help you embark on this journey! Our team at Peak and Wild is here to support your coffee business and discuss how we can integrate our sustainably sourced coffee into your offerings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and share more about your business. We’re excited to hear from you and get started!  

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