Bunn ICBA Platinum Edition Auto Brewer

The Bunn ICBA Platinum Edition Auto Brewer offers all the same great brewing features as the standard series, but with the addition of an intuitive 4.3″ touch screen.

Simple to operate and program due to the visually intuitive programming. The brewer also features SmartWAVE sprayhead technology, creating an industry best uniformity of extraction for an exceptionally smooth coffee that your customers will keep coming back for!

The SmartWAVE feature also creates a timed air press out at the end of the brew cycle This helps to remove residual water from the sprayhead, reducing limescale build up, keeping brewing quality consistent and ultimately extending the life of equipment. ICB brewers deliver the flexibility of brewing coffee into a wide range of thermal servers.

Thermofresh server and Thermofresh stand are available separately.

Bunn ICBA Platinum Edition Auto Brewer


Colour Touchscreen 4.3"

Colour Touchscreen allows customised recipes, brewing options and increased control


SmartWAVE sprayhead technology provides enhanced uniformity of extraction and lime scale reduction


USB programming for uploading and downloading recipes and software updates, all in less than a minute


BUNN Infusion Series technology allows for multiple recipes from one footprint – with three brew buttons and two batch sizes

Energy Efficient

Energy saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods


Pre-infusion and pulse brew for maximum flavour extraction. Cold brew lockout & digital temperature control further ensure top-notch brewing

Brew counter

Keeps track of how many batches are brewed


Sleek modernised design, with rounded angles on the corners and trunk


You’ll need:

  • Water: 15mm feed to a 15 mm compression stop tap within 1 metre, Inlet Water Pressure 1.5 – 6 bar, GPM – 1. (flow rate 1 gallon per minute)
  • Waste: not required
  • Power supply: 13 amp

All the details:

  • Height: 681mm
  • Width: 259mm
  • Depth: 561mm
  • Weight: 24kg (empty

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