Coffee Trainer Class

This course enables you to hone your training techniques and share your passion for coffee with others.

Learn effective training skills through understanding basic communication, identifying needs and structuring an effective lesson plan. Deliver constructive feedback and evaluation through questioning and listening skills and put it all together to help manage quality within a coffee focussed environment


Course Outline:

  • Basic communication –  explore how the environment as well as the trainer and trainee behaviors impact learning
  • What do we need? –  be able to identify and assess training needs within a coffee focused environment
  • Why, who, what, where – identify how to prepare and deliver a coaching and/or structured training session
  • “That would be great if…” – understand how to provide constructive feedback to aid learning and development
  • I can do it – practice giving constructive feedback and understand the importance of evaluating training


More Details:

  • 24th November 2023


Duration: 9am-1pm

Cost: FREE to all qualifying Matthew Algie Customers. *Courses are subject to availability


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