Hot Chocolate for Cafés and Coffee Shops

Sweet and indulgent, hot chocolate is a firm favourite among café customers, young and old. There’s so much you can do with the humble hot chocolate too – pile it high with all the trimmings, use it as part of decadent recipe, make a mocha or an iced drink. It’s an essential treat for your café menu.

Chocolate Abyss

Chocolate Abyss is a decadent drinking chocolate unlike anything your customers have at home. Take the 40% cocoa variety, made with cocoa, sugar and real vanilla, it’s rich, velvety and smooth. This a hot chocolate for the grown-ups.

There’s also the slightly sweeter 30% cocoa variety. This Fairtrade and organic certified hot chocolate will appeal to the masses – it’s been a runaway success!

But it’s not just your standard hot chocolates. There’s also a white hot chocolate powder, to take your hot chocolate game to the next level. It’s indulgent, sweet and creamy – perfect on its own or as part of a chocolate speciality recipe.

Perfect hot chocolate recipes

To elevate your hot chocolate, there is a wide range of complementary products available in the catalogue and online. From topping sauces, mini marshmallows and crispies to cream whippers, our range can add value across your drinks menu.

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