Alternative Milk for Cafés and Coffee Shops

Dairy-free milk is more popular than ever, with many people choosing alternative, plant-based milk due to taste preference, health benefits, dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices. Whatever the reason, alternative milk is here to stay, and that’s why it’s an important feature on any coffee shop drinks menu.

The alternative milk we offer as part of our range is formulated especially for coffee professionals, so you never have to compromise on the milk quality, just because it’s dairy-free!

Espresso Warehouse Alternative Milks

This range of barista-grade plant-based alternative milks will help your café meet the growing demand for dairy-free drinks.

Each flavour has been specially formulated to be used by baristas in a café setting. This means they foam brilliantly for impeccable latte art; they taste delicious whether hot or cold, and they are perfectly compatible with a wide range of coffee machines, including bean-to-cup models.

Espresso Warehouse Oat, Almond, Coconut and Soya drinks are available through the Matthew Algie customer network of coffee shops and hospitality businesses.

These are must-have additions to any café menu.

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