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Dairy-free milk is more popular than ever, with many people choosing alternative, plant-based milk due to taste preference, health benefits, dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices. Whatever the reason, alternative milk is here to stay, and that’s why it’s an important feature on any coffee shop drinks menu.

The alternative milk we offer as part of our range is formulated especially for coffee professionals, so you never have to compromise on the milk quality, just because it’s dairy-free!

Minor Figures Oat Milk

From their background in speciality coffee, Minor Figures know that the perfect dairy-free alternative is hard to come by. That’s why they developed an oat milk, formulated especially for baristas.

It’s a perfect vegan, dairy-free alternative to nut milk and soy. Minor Figures Oat M*lk also contains no added sugar, so it’s incredibly popular with health and eco conscious consumers.

It’s a must-have addition to any café menu.

Alpro For Professionals

As you may guess from the name, Alpro For Professionals is a range of alternative milk made especially for coffee professionals. This means the plant-based milk can be heated, steamed and stretched to behave in a similar way to dairy milk, so your baristas can still make perfect lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.


Alpro are leading change in energy efficiency, biodiversity projects, water risk assessments and the production of bio-based cartons, so they are and ethical choice for your café. All hail plant power!


The range includes Soya, Almond and Coconut, so there is something to satisfy even the most discerning customer.

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