Celebrating National Biscuit Day with Island Bakery

Happy National Biscuit Day! Every day is a great day for a biscuit, but today is extra special. We’re thrilled to celebrate this delightful occasion by sharing our passion for biscuits and our partnership with Island Bakery.

Read on and order your free sample pack of delicious Island Bakery best-sellers!

The Perfect Pairing 

Biscuits and coffee are a match made in heaven. There’s something special about the combination of a hot, cup of coffee with a crisp, delicious biscuit. Whether you’re enjoying a shortbread with your morning espresso or a lemon melt with an afternoon cappuccino, the pairing brings out the best in both.

Our Espresso Warehouse catalogue has a range of exquisite Island Bakery biscuits that are perfect for any time of day. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these biscuits so special!

The Brilliance of Island Bakery:

The Island Bakery story began in 1994 in Tobermory when the local baker was retiring, and the islanders needed someone to fill the role. Joe and Dawn Reade stepped up to the plate, baking bread in their converted garage. After two years of providing freshly baked bread to the islanders, the couple opened a deli on Tobermory’s colourful main street. Through stocking the deli with speciality foods, Dawn realised there was an opportunity to start making organic biscuits that could travel beyond Mull. In 2001, Island Bakery Organics, as we know it today, was born. It wasn’t long before the company picked up its first major customers, including Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Within a year, the company won several awards for its amazing products, including Great Taste Awards and an Organic Food Award.

Island Bakery is a certified organic bakery, sourcing ingredients from land free of pesticides and artificial fertilisers. This commitment results in better products for you, as studies have shown organic foods have much higher levels of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients than conventional crops. But it’s not just about top-notch ingredients at Island Bakery—they’re also committed to using clean energy.

Baking with Renewable Energy:

In a world where many of us are trying to do our part for the planet, Island Bakery is going the extra mile. Their bakery is powered 100% by renewable energy. How cool is that? They’ve got a wind turbine on a hill above the bakery, a hydroelectric turbine on the neighbouring Tobermory River, and a unique wood-burning oven fuelled by wood chips from timber plantations on the surrounding island of Mull.

By harnessing their natural surroundings, Island Bakery is baking delicious treats with the planet in mind. So, every bite you take not only tastes good but feels good too!

Biscuit factory line at Island Bakery
Throwing Island Bakery biscuits into the air in celebration of national biscuit day
Lemon Melt Biscuit with ingredients surrounding
Island Bakery HQ
Island Bakery Biscuits in packaging and ready to be sold.

Join the Celebration... Did Someone Say Free Biscuits?

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The sample pack will include one twin pack of each flavour: Lemon Melts, Shortbread, Chocolate Gingers, and Sweet AF Oat and Raisin (gluten free), plus the Sweet AF Double Chocolate Chip (gluten free).

The packs will be available to order between 29th May - 14th June 2024 (subject to availability). Packs will only be sent to registered business addresses. Limited to one per customer. For new and existing Matthew Algie customers.

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