La Marzocco Linea Classic S (3-Group)

Carefully designed to blend into any setting, the Linea Classic – with its dual boiler system, saturated groups and PID controller – is a work of art that is linear in design and dressed in polished stainless steel. The machine also features stainless steel portafilters and advanced precision baskets to assure the highest extraction standards. Its clean lines and simple charm furnish the many cafés, roasteries, and chains whose names have defined the industry.

The Linea is the classic La Marzocco machine that has supported the development of the specialty coffee industry since the early 1990s. A tried and true machine, the Linea performs reliably in high-volume settings and is perfect for cafés, bars or restaurants.

2 group and 3 group models available.

La Marzocco linea classic 3 group



Stainless Steel Boiler Construction uses surgical grade AISI 316L stainless steel, to reduce the amount of heavy metals

High Legs

Makes it easier to access beneath the machine

Cronos Keypad

Keypad with digital shot timer to monitor the extraction time

Dual Boilers

Separate boilers optimise espresso extraction and steam capabilities

Programmable Doses

Auto-Volumetrics ensure repeatability and consistency in high-volume settings

Integrated Brew Group

A combined boiler and brew group achieve thermal stability in a reduced footprint

Thermal Stability System

As water passes through each element, temperature is further stabilised

PID Control

Stepped temperature wheel allows for user adjustment


You’ll need:

  • Water: Cold water supply, pressure between 3 & 8 bar. 1/2 inch BSP or 3/4 inch BSP stop cock to a 3/8 inch BSP male adaptor
  • Waste: 40mm
  • Power: 32 amp

All the details:

  • Coffee boiler capacity: 5 litres
  • Steam boiler capacity: 11 litres
  • Height: 455mm
  • Width: 930mm
  • Depth: 560mm
  • Weight: 66kg

No more hard water.

In some parts of the UK, hard water’s a real problem: it can damage your machine and affect the quality of your coffee.

That’s why we supply a free Brita Filter unit with your machine – it’s all part of your service rental contract. And yes, you can order replacement cartridges straight from us.

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