Eureka Helios 75 Coffee Grinder

This electronic coffee grinder is a ray of light in the world of professional coffee grinding. It’s modern design and high productivity will simplify your barista’s everyday tasks – plus speedy maintenance and use with a new multifunctional touch display.

The front of an Eureka Helios 75 coffee grinder

Features of the Helios Grinder

Transparent 1.2kg bean hopper

Stepless micrometric grind regulation system, patented by Eureka

Touch display with three programmable doses

High speed maintenance of burrs and of the outlet chute

Adjustable and removable outlet chute

High speed grind dispersion

All-purpose fork for hands-free operations

Works with any portafilter due to its unique geometry and adjustable support!

Looking for the perfect coffee grinder for your business?

The Eureka Helios 75 might just be the solution you need. Our team can help you find the best option to fit your business needs. Just speak to us and we’ll take care of the rest!