Moccamaster Madness at Glasgow Coffee Festival 2024

May 14th, 2024 | Coffee Industry Insights & Trends

Glasgow Coffee Festival 2024: A Showcase of Scottish Coffee Excellence

The bustling city of Glasgow recently hosted an extraordinary event celebrating its vibrant coffee scene. The 2024 Glasgow Coffee Festival brought together coffee aficionados, enthusiasts, and industry professionals to showcase Scotland’s best in roasting mastery and barista skills. Among the many highlights, one event stood out: the Roast Hero competition, sponsored by our sister company, Espresso Warehouse.

A Battle of Scotland’s Finest Roasters

Ten well-known and respected roasters from across Scotland competed head-to-head using the same batch of raw, green coffee beans. Each roaster aimed to create the perfect roast and win the coveted title of Scotland’s Roast Hero.

Espresso Warehouse provided ten Moccamaster KBG Selects in an array of beautiful colours for each roaster to showcase their brew – chosen due to its precision in creating the perfect brewing temperature (between 92°C and 98°C). This temperature range ensures the perfect brew, avoiding under-extraction (which occurs when the brew is too cold and results in over-acidic/sour coffee) and overly-bitter coffee (which occurs when brew temperatures are too high). Additionally, the Moccamaster’s capacity to brew 10 cups made it perfect for providing samples of each coffee to the public.

The participating roasters included:

  • Artisan Roast
  • Cult
  • Dear Green
  • Figment Coffee
  • Gatehouse
  • The Good Coffee Cartel
  • Machina
  • Rise and Grind
  • Steampunk
  • William & Johnson

Judging and Results

The competition was judged meticulously, with both industry experts conducting a rigorous cupping session and the public sampling the brews from the anonymous, colour-coordinated Moccamasters, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation. After much anticipation, Cult Roasters emerged victorious with their fantastic brew! Congratulations, Cult Roasters. 

Latte Art Championship: Where Creativity Meets Coffee

The festivities didn’t end there. Glasgow Coffee Festival also hosted the Scottish heat of the Latte Art Championship, where top-tier baristas demonstrated their prowess in creating intricate designs through the art of free pour (no tools allowed to aid). From graceful seahorses to adorable red pandas, the competition showcased the inspiring talent within the industry, leaving some onlookers who work in the industry both humbled and in awe of the skill and creativity on show.

Espresso Warehouse at the Minor Figures Pre-Glasgow Coffee Festival Event

As mentioned, Espresso Warehouse proudly sponsored the Roast Hero event. But that’s not all—they also sponsored the Minor Figures pre-Glasgow Coffee Festival Bingo. The bingo was great fun and, of course, coffee-themed.

One of our talented mixologists, Tom, was there to supply the party with some appropriately named cocktails, including:

  • “Matchaladas” – made with Gin, Vermouth, Coconut, Matcha, and Pineapple.
  • “Long Black” – made with Gin, Tonic, Espresso, and Coffee Liqueur (yum).

The lucky winner of the bingo went home with a, you guessed it, a Moccamaster KBG supplied by Espresso Warehouse—a perfect prize for any coffee enthusiast.

Celebrating Coffee Culture in Glasgow

As a large, local coffee roaster in Glasgow, it was great to see how far the coffee scene and culture have grown over the years, plus seeing our sister company, Espresso Warehouse, sponsoring these events. The 2024 Glasgow Coffee Festival was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of passion, skill, and community. From thrilling competitions to camaraderie, it showcased the unwavering dedication of Glasgow’s coffee community. As we look forward to future festivals, one thing is certain: Glasgow’s love for coffee will continue to flourish, fuelled by the professionals and hobbyists who devote their time and energy to coffee daily.

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