Top Trends Unveiled: Matthew Algie’s London Coffee Festival Recap

April 17th, 2024 | Coffee Industry Insights & Trends

Exploring the Buzz

Last weekend, the Matthew Algie team delved into all things coffee at the London Coffee Festival. A showcasing of what the industry has to offer, from pioneering cafés and the latest models of coffee machines to the future of sustainable coffee practices. The festival was packed with coffee enthusiasts, powered by a few too many samples of coffee and cakes, creating a jittery, excited atmosphere.

Coffee and ice cream at the London coffee festival Matthew Algie team at the London Coffee Festival. DaVinci Stall at the London Coffee Festival

Pack(ag)ing a Punch

Packaging took centre stage as companies continue to be on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint. One key trend we spotted was cans of still and sparkling rather than plastic bottles. Aluminium is not only fully recyclable (unlike plastic), it can be recycled over and over again. It’s clear that the importance of packaging isn’t just for sustainability but an opportunity for companies to stand out through well-designed, visually impactful packaging design for their products, whether it’s a bag of beans, takeaway cups, or any of their other products. In a competitive environment such as the coffee industry, packaging and branding can be the swaying factor in attracting a new customer. 

Trends in the Café World

The smaller independent coffee roasters were also out in force at the festival, serving up coffee with innovative, exciting processes. Fermentation seems to be the new trend in the world of coffee roasting, involving the process of allowing beans (after being harvested) to combine with bacteria and yeast and then being allowed to rest. The flavour profiles from this process can be fruity, almost juice-like. There’s definitely a premium price tag put on these coffees, but for some, it’s worth the price.

It’s becoming more common for coffee shops to offer a quality variety of drinks beyond the usual coffee and tea. This year, however, brands were showcasing everything chai. From beloved chai lattes to new recipes involving chai energy drinks, iced chai, and even chai mixed with cola, brands were pushing the boundaries of how chai can be used in drink recipes. Stay tuned for more chai recipes coming soon…

A Deep Dive with DaVinci

DaVinci has been relied upon for their excellent syrups by cafés for decades, and they did not disappoint at the London Coffee Festival. With a bright pink and lime green stand, DaVinci was one you couldn’t miss!

During the festival, they were dishing out some of their new seasonal drinks – fizzy strawberry lemonade and refreshing Peach Iced Tea (which were both amazing). If you missed out at the festival, don’t worry, we’ve got the recipes for you to make yourself using products from our Espresso Warehouse catalogue:

Strawberry lemonade in a glass made with davinci cloudy lemonade and strawberry syrup

Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade

2 pumps of Cloudy Lemonade Syrup

2 pumps of Strawberry Syrup

150ml of Sparkling water

Peach iced tea in a glass made with davinci peach and lemon tea syrup

Peach Iced Tea

2 pumps of Peach Syrup

2 pumps of Lemon Tea Syrup

150 ml of still water

These drinks are made purely from their syrups mixed with either still or sparkling water. The drink recipes and products used to make them have also been added to DaVinci’s product range, along with their trusty, tried-and-tested syrups such as caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut, which can enhance coffee for our sweet-tooth coffee drinkers.

A main point of focus for the DaVinci team was showcasing how their syrups compared to their competitors regarding the reduced sugar content. They communicated this by having their participants cycle on bikes to showcase how long it would take to burn off the calorie difference between their products and their competitors (which are obviously higher in sugar and calories).

Looking to the Future

As the curtains close on another coffee festival, we at the Matthew Algie team are excited about what the coffee industry holds in the future and feel grateful to be a part of it. As always, we will be showcasing drink recipes and all coffee-related content on our social media, so if you’re an enthusiast or interested in the industry, check us out. You can find our socials in the footer.  

Matthew Algie employee holding coffee cup at the London Coffee Festival Minor Figures Oat Milk displayed at the London Coffee Festival. Tote bag being worn at the London Coffee Festival