Crafting the Perfect Iced Latte

April 24th, 2024 | Coffee Industry Insights & Trends

The last week has seen a rise in temperatures, and the clouds have parted, reminding the UK population that the sun does, in fact, still exist. It’s time to get ready for the new season, which means we need to take a look at how to make the perfect iced latte, in preparation for those long summers day walks’.



60 ml of espresso (Double Espresso)

Glass of Ice

300 ml’s of the Milk of your choice

Optional – Syrup 


Step 1 – Sourcing the Best Ingredients

With an iced latte, it’s important to source the best products available to you. With a simple drink with few ingredients, we need to ensure we nail it with the ingredients we do use. So before we get started make sure you’ve got your best coffee tools to hand.


Ingredients to make an iced latte: Wild Bean coffee, minor figure oat milk and DaVinci salted caramel syrup

Step 2 – Pouring Your Espresso

It’s time to prepare our espresso for the iced latte. For this iced latte recipe, we will be using our very own Peak and Wild coffee beans, roasted in Glasgow, which has notes of chocolate and praline – perfect for a refreshing iced latte! We start by preparing the espresso first, this is crucial as it allows the espresso to cool before coming into contact with the ice, ensuring that your iced latte doesn’t get watered down. We will pour a double shot of espresso (around 60ml), but if your preference is less coffee, a single shot will also workjust keep in mind there is a high volume of milk in an iced latte.

Espresso pour into coffee cups

Step 3 – Choosing Your Milk

The next step involves choosing your milk, which can be a divisive topic in the world of coffee! For a creamy iced latte, use full-fat milk, but there are also lots of dairy-free alternatives that taste just as good. Make it with Minor Figures oat drink (our favourite!) or Alpro coconut, almond, or soya. The amount of milk we are going to use is an espresso-to-milk ratio of 1:5. So for a double shot of espresso (60ml), we will be using 300ml of milk (if using a single shot of espresso, you will halve this to 150ml).

Minor Figures oat milk for iced latte

Step 4 – Putting it All Together!

1. Fill your glass with ice and add 300ml of the milk of your choice.

2. Add your cooled-down double shot of espresso

Step 5 – Make it Personal

Now is the time to personalise your iced latte and jazz things up a bit! Add two pumps of your favourite DaVinci syrup. DaVinci offers some great options, including their best sellers, vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. We love the salted caramel! Top tip: add the syrup last to ensure it mixes well into the drink and all the sweetness isn’t at the bottom of your cup. (You can also take this a step further and change this iced latte into an iced cappuccino by frothing your milk before adding it to your glass and then sprinkle some chocolate on top!)

Now give it a big stir and there you have it, a refreshing iced coffee to fuel your summer’s day!


Iced Latte being picked up

We at the Matthew Algie team hope you enjoy mastering the art of the iced latte! tag us on social media to let us know how you got on.

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