Sustainable Sourcing of Other Products

Product Sourcing

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond coffee. We work with selected third-party suppliers to offer other sustainable café products, from drinks and snacks, to hardware and equipment. Teacocoa and sugar are important to us as they go hand-in-hand with coffee.

Whilst we have less control over the sourcing of these products, we carefully select the suppliers we work with based on their sustainable credentials. We only select suppliers who follow our preferred approach and have similar values.

We also use certifications like Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance to give independent validation that they have been produced ethically.

We champion the use of commercially compostable disposable cups or reusable cups and ensure the products and packaging in our Espresso Warehouse range meet our sustainable requirements.

Our Goals

Offer more sustainable and healthy options

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Reduce packaging where possible and choose recyclable materials

Share information on best practice in the prevention of human rights abuse in the supply chain


Make sustainable purchases for internal operations

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