Coffee Syrups for Cafés

Syrups supercharge your drinks. A splash of vanilla, caramel, hazelnut (the list goes on!) can really shake up your customers’ drinks order. And they aren’t just for coffees. Our flavoured syrups are prefect in teas, hot chocolates, smoothies and anything else you can think of!

DaVinci Syrups

DaVinci is one of the most well-known syrup manufacturers. And it’s little wonder their syrups are so popular; they combine craft, science and art to create and amazing palette of flavours. With over 20 varieties in our range, from sweet and spiced to fruity, there’s something for every drink on every menu.

The beauty of these syrups is their versatility. Not only are they delicious in hot drinks, they also work perfectly in cold drinks like iced coffee, frappuccinos, smoothies, iced teas and even cocktails! They’re even considerably lower in sugar compared with all leading competitors!

Flavoured syrups make it even easier to boost margins and extend your menu.

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Smoothies and Toppings

Boost your menu by offering some delicious smoothies! Perfect for breakfast time, summer time… well, any time!

DaVinci Smoothie mixes take the hassle and mess out of smoothie making. Put them in a blender with ice and it’s done!

They’re also great for adding a pop of fruit flavour to speciality drinks recipes, like shakes and frappuccinos.

But you don’t need to stop there. Top off your speciality drinks (and hot chcocolates, lattes and more) with some extra crunch or burst of flavour with DaVinci toppings. With a range of sauces, crispies, marshamllows and fudge pieces, you’ll be customising drinks just for your customer and boosting your bottom line.

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