Café and Coffee Shop Snacks

There’s no better treat for your customers than a delicious sweet treat to accompany hot drinks, or a savoury snack mid-afternoon. There is a huge opportunity for your café to upsell by offering eats from our range. We have a huge variety of snacks, from cookies and muffins to crisps, nuts and popcorn. And there really is something for everyone with plenty of indulgent treats, healthy bites, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. Boost your bottom-line with these tasty impulse buys!

Sweet Treats, Cookies, Biscuits and Muffins

The ultimate accompaniment to your tea or coffee. We have a range of sweet bakes that your customers are going to love.

Take the Fine Cookie Co. These are big, chewy, American style cookies, baked in the rolling hills of Derbyshire. They are the perfect impulse buy for kids and adults alike!

Or there’s our very own Wooden Spoon range. These are hand-baked, organic biscuits (with gluten-free varieties alongside irresistible classics), as well as biscotti, caramel waffles and shortbread. They all come individually wrapped, which is perfect for grab and go customers.

Sitting plump on your countertop, Sugar ‘n’ Spice muffins are a great impulse buy. These delicious muffins come in classic flavour combinations and work equally well for eat-in customers or take-way.

There’s plenty more to choose from including chocolates, tray bake cakes, protein bars and mints , from brands like Willie’s Cacao, Broderick’s and Peppersmith, so you can be sure you’re offering the sweet snacks your customers love.

We’ve even got you covered with your display, with our rustic cookie jars, and biscuit racks!

Savoury Snacks

Savoury eats are important in any café or coffee shop, to satisfy those hunger pangs in between meals. Offering nut mixes, crisps and popcorn is also an easy way to include gluten-free options on your menu. Our range is perfect for on the go snacking, as well as enjoying in-café.

The ultimate savoury snack is the humble crisp. Our Brown Bag Crisps are anything but humble though, with bags of natural flavour. Rustic and gluten-free, your customers will love them.

Popcorn is the perfect low-calorie snack. Our Portlebay Popcorn features irresistible flavours like Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup or Chilli and Lime, among other flavour classics.

We’re also nuts about Cambrook, specialist producers of caramelised and baked nuts, using only the best ingredients to ensure each nut is extraordinarily good.

We’re always looking for innovative new products to add to the range, like Brave Peas. These are dried yellow split peas that are packed with flavour, low calorie and full of protein. Your customers will go crazy for them!

There’ll always be new and innovative products added to the range, so you can be sure you’re offering the latest snack trends to your customers.

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