Microlots Overview

There's nothing we love better than discovering a truly exceptional coffee crop.

All Matthew Algie coffee is ethically sourced and traceable, but what makes our hand-roasted coffees so exceptional is the direct sourcing of the most outstanding one-off microlots, often an entire crop, from individual farmers. Seasonality is a major factor in the selection process, with only the freshest green beans making the cut. 

Then there's the hand roasting in the Italian 'Vittoria' traditional drum roaster - in batches of just 15-25kg.  With decades of experience, we know how to develop the perfect flavour during the roasting process and how to preserve the integrity and freshness of the roasted beans right up until the moment the coffee is brewed.

The result?  Each hand roasted microlot is unique, distinctive and memorable.

We change our hand-roasted offering regularly. Once a microlot is gone, it's gone.

You'll find a key at the bottom of each coffee description (illustrated below), highlighting the brewing methods that we feel work particularly well to bring out the best of each coffee.  Of course, half of the fun is in the experimentation. We'd love to hear how you get on.