An accessible, all-day coffee that never disappoints.


Apollo brings together a careful selection of pulped, washed and dry processed beans, making it a particularly easy drinking coffee.

Matthew Algie Filter Coffee Beans

Available as:

  • 6 x 1kg beans
  • 50 x 3pt ground filter coffee
  • 54 x 4pt ground filter coffee
  • 24 x 10pt ground filter coffee
  • 5 x 1kg ground filter coffee

Taste & Flavour

Approachable with a friendly touch. A medium bodied coffee where all the flavours dance together to deliver contentment. Leaves you with that deja vu feeling.

Medium Roast

Round Wood 
Sweet Earth

Ideal For

  • Black
  • Milk
Apollo Taste
Apollo - Map

Apollo beans originate from:

  1. 1Brazil [P]
  2. 2Uganda [D]
  3. 3El Salvador [w]
  4. 4Peru [W]

Processing Method:
[P] - Pulped Natural, [W] - Washed, [D] - Dry Processed

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