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No-fuss traditional teas that your customers will love.

Our Founder, Matthew Algie, was a grocer selling tea that arrived on the famous Clyde Clippers. In 1864 he decided to specialise: he set up his own tea blending and wholesale business and never looked back.

Today, continuing our 150 year tradition, we prepare our Pavilion Garden Breakfast Tea right here in our Glasgow blending facility.

Buy Envelope Teas

Pavilion Garden envelope teas are designed to infusepav 11
perfectly from the bag - one sip proves we haven't compromised an ounce on quality. Choose from ten delicious flavours and optimise your display with an elegant rack or luxurious presentation box.

Then there's the teapots, with a nifty little clamp to keep the teabag string in place - and a clever little shelf to prevent the teabag from stewing.

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Buy Catering Teas

Pavillion Garden 2  Our Breakfast Tea is carefully sourced from Kenya and
  Assam, India  - areas known for producing a superior
  quality of tea. The leaves are cut to predetermined size
  to allow for fast infusion while still producing that
  highly desirable bright, fresh taste and coppery colour.
  You can choose between large, traditional square
  teabags that provide plenty of room for the tea to
  infuse - or 3, 4 or 10pt catering sachets, ideal when you
  need to serve a lot of tea quickly. Either way, there is no
  need to compromise on taste, ethics, quality or value.

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We can also provide the boilers and bulk-brewers, delivered and installed in no time and supported by nationwide field service engineers. Everything you need to keep the tea flowing.

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