Barista Brew Class

How do you brew your coffee? If the answer is ‘in the filter machine’ or ‘never’, we’ve got a whole new world to show you.

This half day class is for baristas who know how to get an espresso shot just right – and now want to explore other brewing methods.


Course Outline:

  • Brewing guidelines for industry standard coffee
  • Brewing variables Ratio of water to coffee, grind size, brewing time, water temperature and brewing turbulence
  • Look at different brewing methods and methodology for v60, Chemex, AeroPress and more
  • Apply method based on grind size

More Details:

Previous Experience: None required.

Duration: 9am-1pm

Cost: FREE to all Matthew Algie coffee customers. Alternatively Matthew Algie coffee customers can register for the SCA Foundation Brewing for only £99/£119 including VAT and certification fee. Subject to availability.


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