Elektra Barlume (3-Group)

Designed for the busiest of coffee bars. Proving you don’t have to sacrifice looks for performance.

Impossible to ignore, the Barlume's glowing panel and 1950s design tell customers you're just as serious about style as you are about coffee. The twin steam wands and precision brew technology give baristas precisely the control they need and the high capacity boiler keeps on performing, even when you're at your busiest.

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Big capacity 16.5 litre boiler
Hard-working three group heads, twin steam wands and hot water outlet
Roomy space for 1 litre milk foaming jugs, tall crockery and takeaway cups
Easy supplied with three double shot portafilters and one single portafilter
Versatile All S200 internal components are Synesso Standard as found in the MVP models. All hand-crafted in Seattle to the highest standards.
Accurate chrome dials for water level and pressure, as well as precision-brew technology
Practical built-in cup warmer


You’ll need:

  • Water: 15mm (min 3 bar pressure)
  • Waste: 32mm (directly below counter)
  • Power: 30 amp


All the details:

  • Boiler capacity: 16.5 litres
  • Height: 555mm
  • Width: 1010mm
  • Depth: 534mm
  • Weight: 73kg (when full)


No more hard water.

In some parts of the UK, hard water’s a real problem: it can damage your machine and affect the quality of your coffee.

That’s why we supply a free Brita Filter unit with your machine – it’s all part of your service rental contract. And yes, you can order replacement cartridges straight from us.

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