Synesso S200 (2-Group Model)

Compact. Versatile. Consistent.

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Product Description

Available to rent or buy, the S200 is an approachable, volumetric coffee machine featuring the same quality Synesso standard components found in the traditional MVP & MVP Hydra machines.  

This professional coffee machine features no-wear group heads, individual brew boilers, digital shot timers as well as programmable temperature per group head - offering unparalleled thermal stability.

Designed with the barista in mind, both cool-to-touch steam wands (with 4 or 6-hole steam tips) can also swivel 180° - ideal for both right and left-handed operators.

Espresso extraction is controlled by volumetric programming, with two user-defined programs per group.  The wired hand-held display allows total control of total water count and optional pre-infusion duration, which can be saved independently or copied across both group heads.

And there's more...

This commercial 2-group coffee machine also boasts a programmable hot water tap with mix valve, arcade-inspired group purge buttons and an automatic back flush program.

Low in profile, the S200 won’t come between your barista & customer, its 3-position height-adjustable drain tray also offers greater flexibility for installation. There is even an optional in-counter installation for an even lower profile – ideal for cafes & coffee shop businesses where space is at a premium.  

The S200 comes with an all-black standard exterior as standard. However, for artisan venues looking for a more bespoke centre-piece, there are additional all-white or wood options also available when purchasing. For more in-depth machine specs & features, see below.

Matthew Algie is the official UK & Ireland & European supplier of Synesso coffee machines.

Read the machine features, benefits, specs & servicing details below & then contact us by phone or email to find out our current buy & rental options! 

  • Consistent - Dial-in and save recipes that can be repeated to perfection every time. 2 unique programme positions per group head.
  • User Friendly –Choose whether to use pre-programmed or manual recipes. Insulated 180° swivelling steam wands for right or left-handed operation.
  • Flexible -  Individually PID temperature controlled group heads. The wired hand held display allows control of total water count and optional pre-infusion duration, which can be saved across both group heads.
  • Precise -  4 magnet flow meters double the water precision and advanced software allow you to increase or reduce total water volume as needed.
  • Reliable - All S200 internal components are Synesso Standard as found in the MVP models. All hand-crafted in Seattle to the highest standards.

Synesso S200 Brochure

Everything you need to know about the Synesso S200.

Download pdf (186kb)

You'll need:

  • Water: 15mm supply (min 3 bar pressure)
  • Waste: 32mm plumbed drain directly below counter
  • Power: 32 amp single phase required (5700 watts)

Synesso S200 2 group:

  • Boiler Capacity: 7.7 litres 
  • Height: 428mm
  • Width: 702mm
  • Depth: 610mm
  • Weight: 66kg (when empty)

No more hard water.

In some parts of the UK, hard water's a real problem: it can damage your machine and affect the quality of your coffee.

That's why we supply a free Brita Filter unit with your machine - it's all part of your service rental contract. And yes, you can order replacement cartridges straight from us.

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We're with you every step of the way to help your team make consistently brilliant coffee. Here's how.

Barista training

We'll come to you: every one of our coffee sales managers is a qualified coffee trainer. Perfect for helping to make sure your team get the most from your new piece of equipment. To take things further, why not book on to one of our SCA accredited barista courses taught via our coffee training schools in Glasgow, London or Dublin?

Installation and service

From hooking-up a new machine to coaxing one back to life, we're here for you. We have our very own service engineers, covering the UK and Ireland. If your machine needs a spot of TLC, we'll leap into action. In 2018, Matthew Algie customers benefited from an industry leading first-time-fix rate of 94%