Business Coffee Machine Rental

When you rent one of our machines, you get a lot more than just a gleaming beauty for your counter top. You'll also get complete reassurance. If it goes wrong, we fix it. When you need training, we're there for you.

For further information, please contact us on 0800 263 333 (from the UK) or 1800 626 220 (from Ireland).

Payment options to suit every need

Owning the machine of your dreams has never been easier with our different pricing options: Outright Purchase, Easy Purchase and Service Rental. 

Option 1: Outright Purchase 

Buy the product outright and receive free delivery installation and training 

Add optional extra: Annual Maintenance Package

When you purchase outright you can choose whether to include an annual maintenance package too.

Option 2: Easy Purchase

To make it easier to own our most popular models, we now offer Easy Purchase bundles of all the kit you'll need complete with service and support. You'll own the products from day one, but pay for them in monthly, interest free installments. 

Easy purchase option includes:

  • Brita Water Filter
  • 1 years Warranty
  • Delivery
  • Installation and training
  • Service for the duration of the contract
  • Pay monthly over a fixed term (term varies depending on the bundle)
  • No interest charged 

Option 3: Service Rental

Choose Monthly service rental and you'll also get complete reassurance. If a machine goes wrong, we fix it. When you need training, we're there for you.

Service rental includes:

  • 1st Brita Filter
  • Delivery, installation, training and uplift 
machines collage

Choice. Lots and lots of choice.

From espresso machines to bulk-brewers, we've got the UK's biggest selection of coffee kit for rent. Even better -customers with a high filter coffee throughput are often eligible for our free on loan service. 

Still not found your dream machine? Just contact us and we'll see what we can do.

We aim to get machines to our customer within a few days. It really is that fast. And here's the important part: your kit is delivered, installed and tweaked to perfection by one of our very own engineers.

service rental

Keep that coffee flowing

A routine boiler check here, a replacement seal there. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to keeping your machine in perfectly profitable order.

But just in case it needs a bit more attention, we've got that covered too. Our Field Service Engineers are stationed across the UK & Ireland - and they know our machines inside out.

Our expert support staff will try to diagnose and rectify the issue while you are on the phone, but if that is not possible, we will send a Field Service Engineer out to you. Matthew Algie customers can also benefit from an industry leading first-time-fix-rate

coffee school

Tailored Training

Shiny new equipment can be daunting.  We provide exactly the training your team needs, right there in your premises - all delivered by your dedicated Coffee Sales Manager.

You can take it even further at one of our Coffee Schools in London, Dublin and Glasgow. It's free to all Matthew Algie customers.

retail consultancy

Expert Advice

Whether you're just starting out, refurbishing or looking to improve efficiency, we've got the answers. Your Coffee Sales Manager is armed with insider knowledge and all the latest product news to help grow your business. We can even help you plan your retail space.

We also read a lot of reports,  visit a lot of coffee outlets and talk to a lot of people. So as a Matthew Algie customer, you'll get all the insights you need - on topics ranging from operational efficiency to menu trends.