Introducing the Iced Citrus Americano

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 | Tags: , , ,

A refreshing take on the traditional americano, with tangy orange syrup and a touch of sparkle.


–1 x single espresso
–2 x pumps Da Vinci Orange syrup
–Cold sparkling water
–1 x Orange wedge
–Ice cubes (12oz glass ¾ full)


–Brew a single espresso and top up with cold water to chill
–Add the syrup to the glass of ice
–Add the single espresso (with chilled water) to the glass of ice
–Top up with more sparkling water as required
–Garnish with an orange wedge
- add some orange zest for extra zing

Available to Matthew Algie coffee customers as A2 posters and A4 struts. Call 0800 263333 or email

Part of the new POS collection 2017. Ask your CSM for details.

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