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While you’re keeping your customers happy, we’re doing the same for you – hunting down those rare products that aren’t just fresh to the market, but also make sound commercial sense.

Gluten-free is big business. We’ve added two brand new Brodericks bars: exotic fruit, and mango yoghurt. And yes, they’ve been given typically inventive names. Have a look for yourself on our online shop where we’ve collated our complete gluten-free family.

In terms of new arrivals, you’ll find the complete run down on the ‘whats new’ page. The Rhubarb & Custard cookies from The Fine Cookie Co. taste just as good as you’d imagine – as do our brand new chocolate biscotti and Willie’s Venezuelan Gold single-estate chocolate. Some old favourites are evolving too. Our three brand new Suki Tea pyramids - Apple Loves Mint, Lemongrass & Ginger and Green Ginseng  - are every bit as delicious as their loose-leaf counterparts.

And sometimes, ‘new’ isn’t that new after all. Take reusable cups, for example. We’ve been selling them for years. Now, with all the recent publicity, what better time to introduce your customers to our branded glass KeepCups?  

As always, there’s a wide range of promotional POS to help you drive traffic and encourage impulse sales. It’s free when you order the associated products. Take a look at the recipes in our ‘resources’ page.

For those who don’t already know, we’ve launched a shiny new Espresso Warehouse online shop: We’ve included the Matthew Algie hand roasted range of coffees, each of which is a limited edition. Be sure to grab your favourite before it’s gone.

Here’s to the cold!

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Suzie Woodiet said:
April 16th, 2018

Had your double decaf pod coffee ( Americano )at The Royal Duchy Hotel Falmouth.
Best d.caff I have tasted. Is it available for use in a cafitiere.

Thank you

Suzie Woodier

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