The Ultimate Christmas Indulgence

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On a cold winter's day your customers can warm up with hot and spicy Chocolate Abyss.

This devilish drinking chocolate contains 40% cocoa, a touch of cardamom, cinnamon, natural vanilla and hint of chilli pepper to give it that little extra something.

Treat it just as you do an ordinary hot chocolate - with lashings of steamed milk.


 Spiced Abyss


Recipe Suggestions


Volcanic Spiced Hot Chocolate


1. Add around half a scoop (DBSCOOP) of Spiced Abyss powder (DCASPICE) to a 7oz glass (DFLATGLS).

2. Add a splash of hot water to the powder and mix into a paste.

3. Top with steamed latte milk and some whipped cream.

4. Squeeze Chocolate Abyss Dark Mocha Sauce (DDMOCHA) from a squeezy bottle (DSQBOTT).

5. Sprinkle a generous amount of Cinnamon Crunch Pieces (DTOPCINN) on top.

Recipe proportions are for a 7oz drink.


Velvet Spiced Mocha

 Spiced Abyss in a cup

1. Add one double shot of espresso to a 12oz cup.

2. Add one 25g scoop (DBSCOOP) of Spiced Abyss powder (DCASPICE) - stirring until all the powder has dissolved into the espresso.

3. Top with steamed latte milk.

Recipe proportions are for a 12oz drink.


Free Point of Sale


Don't forget our free point of sale - available when you purchase the associated products. Available as A2 posters, A4 strut cards and A6 tent cards.


Spiced Abyss posters


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graham said:
March 1st, 2014

Hi, Sorry to bother you but is your spicy Chocolate Abyss gluten free? just curious as some hotchocolate mixes contain wheat products, if it is gluten free you should definitely add this to your description.


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