Our Fairtrade Producers

Cosurca, Colombia

Cosurca is a producer group in the Cauca region of Southern Colombia. Like all Fairtrade co-ops they operate democratically and transparently. Co-op leaders are chosen by the community and every farmer has a vote in important decisions. An elected Fairtrade premium committee ensures that premiums are allocated to support real community needs and the stable development of the co-op.

ASOCAFE, Bolivia

Eduardo joined a Fairtrade co-op in 2006 having first planted coffee in 2003. His farm has around 2.5 hectares of caturra at 1,200m above sea level. He has seen a significant benefits from Fairtrade, including technical assistance from the co-op to improve his yields and increase his household income.

Coffee Picking
Sol y Cafe, Peru

German Silva Vasquez farms “Parcela La Flor” with 5 ha at 1,753 m. He uses older varietals such as Caturra and Catuai. He has used Fairtrade premiums to help increase yields from his farm to generate additional household income. He has also invested in new drying facilities to increase the quality of his coffee and boost his farm earnings.


Luciano Sacaca migrated with his family from the altiplano when his father “pioneered” a 3 hectare plot near Putina Puno. He is married with 8 children and has been a co-op member for more than 30 years. With the impact of climate change, his farm ‘Villa Carmen’ produces 20 qq per hectare in a good year, or just 5 qq in a bad year. To have a more sustainable income he has diversified into citrus fruits, bananas, avocados and potatoes. Fairtrade has provided a better quality of life for Luciano's family. His children are the first generation in his family to have access to education. Some of his kids have even attended college.


Oliver Oberto Cauna Apaza’s family live with him in Pampas Salinas on their 2.5 Ha farm, Santa Idelia. Oliver has built drying tunnels for his coffee and upgraded his small mill to reduce water pollution using support and micro-credit provided from Fairtrade premiums. Santa Idelia is a two hour walk up steep mountain paths through the rainforest from the nearest road. Like his other neighbours in the Pampas Salinas community, he brings out his delicious coffee one sack at a time by wheel barrow.

San Juan del Oro
San Juan del Oro, Peru

Percy and Filomena Machaca live with their family in the Chunchus Mayo area, close to Puntina Punco. Percy and Filomena have built drying tunnels for their coffee and upgraded their small mill to reduce water pollution using support and micro-credit provided from Fairtrade premiums. They are also working as a model farm, helping develop best practice in water conservation and shade tree management to make their coffee more resilient to climate change impacts.

Abakundakawa, Rwanda

Coffee co-ops have played an important part in bringing communities back together in Rwanda over the last two decades. The Abakundakawa co-op has gone a step further in creating a cohesive community by empowering its female members through a pro-active gender programme which makes sure that women are well represented in the co-op management. Their ground breaking “women’s’ coffee” programme provides further income for widows and more equality in households. Fairtrade certification encourages this kind of innovative approach through equality.

Fairtrade School
Killenso Mokonisa, Ethiopia

Killenso Mokonisa is a small community in the Sidamo highlands area of Southern Ethiopia. Like generations before them, famers here grow and process organic beans on their small-holdings. Remote communities in Ethiopia often lack the social infrastructure that allows for sustainable economic development - but Fairtrade premiums have helped bridge this gap. Thanks to Fairtrade, Killenso Mokonisa now has a primary and secondary school.

Oromia mill
Oromia Mill, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is home to the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union. This farmer-owned umbrella organisation provides technical support and export services to community co-op’s in all of the main coffee growing regions of Ethiopia. Following investment of Fairtrade premiums, in 2010 they opened their own export mill for the first time allowing Oromia to take complete control of the export quality processes and bring more value back to farmers.

Ethiopia Tadesse
Illilli Daratu, Ethiopia

Illilli Daratu is a small community in the Harar highlands area of Northern Ethiopia. Farmers here grow and process organic beans on their small-holdings - just as the generations before them. Thanks to Fairtrade premiums this remote community now has an improved social infrastructure to help generate sustainable economic development. With the assistance of a number of Fairtrade buyers, for example, the community now has access to improved drinking water.

Killenso Mokonisa, Ethiopia

Addisu and Negale Shoroka live with their children in Killenso Mokonisa, a small community in the Sidamo highlands of Southern Ethiopia. They grow and process organic beans on their small-holding, in the same way as generations before them. Fairtrade brings them direct access to market from this remote part of Ethiopia, linking them and their community with coffee roasters like Matthew Algie.