SCA Introduction to Coffee

FULL Day, 10 points

Want to start a journey into coffee but not quite sure what it’s all about? This is an ideal module to peel back the skin on this popular beverage and explore its wonders.

What we will cover

Take a look into the journey coffee takes from farming, harvesting, processing and roasting before finally brewing and drinking. Learn the flavours the wondrous coffee bean has to offer with a cupping session before deciding what module to sit next!

Previous experience

No prior knowledge required


£99 including exam, Cert Fee (60 EUR) and VAT

Availability for this course


22/10/2018 Glasgow 10.00-4.00pm 2 Space
13/11/2018 Dublin 10.00-4.00pm Spaces
19/11/2018 London 10.00-4.00pm Spaces



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