SCA Barista - Professional

3 days, 25 points

In this three-day course, you’ll delve more deeply into the scientific elements of coffee and develop a more advanced understanding of espresso extraction.

What we will cover

  • Fully understand all the components of the coffee to be able to describe taste, aroma and tactile experience.
  • Know how brewing parameters affect cup quality and how to dial in the recipe to best suit the coffee.
  • Understand café layouts and how to get the best from them
  • Look at water quality and how it affects extraction, measure TDS, alkalinity and PH
  • Understand profitability and basic costing of the café operation
  • Test your knowledge and skill with a series of written and practical assessments

Previous experience

Ideal for someone who has completed the intermediate level with a further 12 months experience working towards a professional career in coffee.


Member £825 including exam, Cert Fee (180 EUR) and VAT

Non Member £900 including exam, Cert Fee (270 EUR) and

Availability for this course


09/10/2018 London (x3 Consecutive Days) 9.00-17.00 Spaces



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