Coffee Trainer Class

This class is for head baristas, supervisors and managers: people with great coffee and milk skills - as well as a genuine passion for the black stuff.

You're the one who's responsible for coffee quality checks, equipment cleanliness and passing on skills. But here's the thing: training doesn't come easy to everyone.

This class is here to help; we'll also stop you from becoming a tyrant with a clipboard. The focus is definitely on coffee, but the techniques will help you to train effectively in other areas of your business too. 

The coffee trainer class will help you…

  • Get your key messages across
  • Choose an appropriate style for your audience
  • Establish and build rapport
  • Share your passion for all that is coffee

THE COURSE details

  • Basic communication -  understand the basics of questioning technique and active listening to aid learning
  • What do we need? -  know how to identify training gaps, know what kind of training to carry out and the skills a good trainer needs to have
  • Why, who, what, where - identify learning styles and plan a coaching or structured training session
  • "That would be great if…" - helps you give constructive feedback to colleagues to improve their performance
  • I can do it - practise giving constructive feedback

Start and finish

Coffee Trainer class starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. There's a 30 minute break for lunch. (We don't provide lunch, but there's somewhere nearby to grab a sandwich).

Free for Matthew Algie customers.
£131/ €162.50 (+VAT) for everyone else.

That's right. It really is free if you're a customer; all you'll have to pay for is travel and a spot of lunch.

If you're not a customer yet, you can still come along for just £131 (+VAT)

Availability for this course


23.11.2017 London FULL
15.11.2017 Glasgow FULL

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