Perhaps you work on the coffee front line. Maybe you're thinking of opening
your own coffee shop. Or you could simply be fascinated by coffee. This one day class for complete beginners will get you started.

The atmosphere's relaxed, and your trainers know that speed and quality are
what really matter in food service.

Coffee School will give you practical skills including:

  • Making all the key drinks in a basic coffee menu
  • Steaming milk
  • Keeping your equipment clean

The course in detail

  • It's all about the coffee - from where it originated to where it is today
  • Part of the process - where coffee grows, how it's processed and roasted
  • Keep it fresh - coffee shelf life and storage
  • Know your equipment - what it's called, what you need and how to use it safely
  • Perfect espresso - how to grind it, dose it, tamp it and brew it
  • Milk best practice - how to get the best out of milk, from store to pour
  • Drinks - practise putting it altogether to make fantastic coffees
  • Cleaning - clean as you go and daily cleaning advice to keep your kit healthy

Start and finish

Coffee School starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm. There's a 30 or 40 minute break for lunch. (We don't provide lunch, but there's always somewhere nearby to grab a sandwich.)

Free for Matthew Algie customers.
£131.25 / €162.50 (+VAT) for everyone else.

That's right. It really is free if you're a customer; all you'll have to pay for is travel and a spot of lunch.

If you're not a customer yet, you can still come along for just £131.25 (+VAT). Or book on all three courses* (Coffee School, Milk Class and Brew Class)  for just £210 (+VAT). 

*Courses are subject to availability 

Availability for this course


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16.11.2017 London FULL
21.11.2017 London FULL
22.11.2017 Glasgow FULL
29.11.2017 London FULL
30.11.2017 Glasgow Spaces
04.12.2017 London Spaces

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