Brew Class

This half day class is  for baristas who know how to get an espresso shot just right - and now want to explore other brewing methods.

brew class will help you:

  • Gain an insight into different brewing methods
  • Explore industry standards and brewing variables affecting flavour
  • Learn how to brew coffee through the Cafetiere, Chemex, AeroPress and Filter Cone
  • Explore the development of a personal brewing style

We'll have you grinding, weighing and extracting - as well as using your taste buds the whole way through. You will fall in love with precision and then we'll encourage you to rebel. This is the opportunity to play with all the brewing parameters and find your own perfect brew.

the course details

  • Introduction to different brewing methods - exploring espresso science and the vast range of brewing equipment and filter options
  • Industry standards and guidelines - understand the industry and Gold Cup standards and why they vary
  • Brewing through the Chemex, AeroPress, Cafetiere and Filter Cones - identify brewing variables and the effect they have on the final cup
  • Make your perfect match - hands on brewing, choose how you grind, weigh, dose, stir and adjust time to create your preferred brew method

start and finish

This is a half day course starting at 12.30pm and finishing ad 4.30pm.

free for matthew algie customers
£84 / €104 (+VAT) for everyone else.

That's right: it really is free if you're a customer; all you'll have to pay for is travel.

If you're not a customer yet, you can still come along for just £84 (+VAT). Or book all three courses* (Coffee School, Brew Class and Milk Class) for just £210.00 (+VAT).

*Courses are subject to availability 

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