Rancilio 2-Group

Easy to use and incredibly versatile – this machine combines Italian style with Swiss engineering.

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Product Description

An exceptionally clever machine that doesn't require your team to study for a PhD in Baristology. Everything about it is designed to make your life easier and reduce costs. That includes portion control on hot water, through to self-purging steam wands. The design is a mixture of classic stainless steel, polished chrome and slick dark grey.


  • Hard-working: large capacity 11 litre boiler, 2 steam wands and a water outlet
  • Easy - push-button selections to match your drinks menu
  • Comfortable  - cool-touch steam wands with ergonomic handles
  • Versatile -  supplied with a double portafilter and single portafilter
  • Practical- with built-in cup warmer
  • Economical - portion-controlled hot water to help save energy
  • Tidy - the deep drip tray deals with spillages and mess
  • Accurate - easy-to-read water pressure monitors

Rancilio 2-Group

Simple, smart, versatile – and a bit of a looker.

Download brochure (215kb)

You'll need:

  • Water: 15mm (min 3 bar pressure)
  • Waste: 32mm (directly below counter)
  • Power: 20 amp

All the details:

  • Boiler capacity: 11 litres
  • Height: 490mm
  • Width: 850mm
  • Depth: 500mm
  • Weight: 62kg (when full)

No more hard water.

In some parts of the UK, hard water's a real problem: it can damage your machine and affect the quality of your coffee.

That's why we supply a free Brita Filter unit with your machine - it's all part of your service rental contract. And yes, you can order replacement cartridges straight from us.


Sure, the machine's important. But we're here with you at every step, to help your team make consistently brilliant coffee. Here's how.

Barista training

We'll come to you: every one of our coffee sales managers is a qualified coffee trainer. Perfect for helping to make sure your team get the most from your new piece of equipment. To take things further, why not book onto one of our Coffee School courses in London, Dublin or Glasgow?

Installation and service

From hooking-up a new machine to coaxing one back to life, we're here for you. We have our very own service engineers, covering the UK and Ireland. They're fast: call, and an engineer will usually be with you in just 180 minutes. They're also rather impressive: we fix an astonishing 99% of problems first time around.