Kenya Gathaithi AB

Single origin. Delicate citrus on the nose with a light fragrance.

Kenya AB

Exactly What Makes Me, Me? 

Gathaithi is a coffee producer supplied by the Gathaithi Farmer’s Cooperative Society. The farms that comprise the society are located in the Nyeri district of the Central province of Kenya, about 160 kilometers north of Nairobi.

The society is made up of smallholder farmers with an average of 250 trees per farmer; most trees are SL28, with a small amount of the Ruiru 11 variety. In addition to coffee, common crops grown are banana and maize. Gravellea or macadamia trees may also be planted to provide shade to the growing coffee tree

Liquid Elucidation

Process: Washed

Taste Note: Delicate citrus on the nose with a light fragrance. Crisp citrus notes with light acidity throughout and creamy vanilla sweetness.

We Like: The light blossom note on the nose and the sweet vanilla on the palate. This would make a great cold brew!


Pack Size:

10 x 250g