Crafty Little Number 8.1

Crafty Little Number 8.1

A blend of three coffees. Two sweet and toasty Brazils and a rich, fruity Guatemala.

Exactly What Makes Me, Me?

This coffee is a blend of three coffees. The two Brazilian coffees bring sweetness and toasted cereal notes. They are pre blended and then post blended with a rich, fruity Guatemala that compliments the toasted sweetness from the Brazils.

Brazil: Icatu, Fazenda Pantano - Naimeg 2018, Minas Gerais, (pulped natural). Milk chocolate, grapefruit, medium body. Grown at 1000-1100masl.

Brazil: Yellow Catuai, Fazenda Olhos d’Agua, Cerrado Mineiro (natural). Salted caramel, chocolate and nutty. Grown at 1150masl.

Guatemala: Caturra, Catui & Bourbon, Chiquimula, Finca Las Nubes. Heavy treacle sweetness, stone fruit and spice with grape notes. Grown at 1500masl


Liquid Elucidation

Taste Note: It’s mega sweet with a syrupy mouthfeel and creamy doughy notes which blend perfectly with the heavy dried fruit. The Guatemala adds fruit and body.

We like: The sweetness in tight shots and the buttery body. Stunning with small volumes of milk.


Pack Size

4 x 500g