SCA Brewing - Professional

3 DAys, 25 points

Delve deeper into the science of extraction focusing on temperature and its impacts, acidity levels through the brewing, how water quality will affect extraction and flavour and extract to a given percentage using charting and refractometry.

What we will cover

  • Roast levels and how this affects flavour
  • Take a look at by-pass and how this can be used to better the cup
  • Grind size, extraction, temperature and water chemistry
  • The break down of coffee aroma, taste and how it changes with time
  • Ways of holding brewed coffee

Previous experience

Ideal for someone who has completed the intermediate level with a further 12 months experience working towards a professional career in coffee



Member £825 including exam, Cert Fee (180 EUR) and VAT

Non Member £900 including exam, Cert Fee (270 EUR) and VAT

Availability for this course


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